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Why We Created Picket Fence Tax Preparation Service


Kirk Kinder: Tax Preparation and Fee Only Investment Advisor

In 2006, Kirk Kinder, CFP®, started Picket Fence Financial. The Bel Air based practice is a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to Saving Folks from Wall Street. Since its launch, Kirk discovered that many clients weren’t satisfied with their tax preparation. Most of the complaints stemmed from either the experience, price, or lack of coordination between the tax preparation and financial or tax planning.

Tax Prep Experience

Kirk used his experience working in various tax franchises to create a unique concept for a tax office focused on taking the stress out of taxes.

Picket Fence Tax Service addresses the experience complaints by creating a coffee shop look and feel where clients can relax and unwind. Since Picket Fence Tax Service doesn’t have to pay royalties to a franchise, it can keep prices low for clients, which reduces stress during tax time.

Free Tax Planning

To address the need for tax planning, Picket Fence Tax Service provides free tax planning to its tax clients. As a fee-only financial planning firm, we can also coordinate your taxes with your financial planning.

About Kirk

Before moving to the Bel Air area and founding Picket Fence, Kirk served in the United States Coast Guard after attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.

He worked at the Montley Fool and as a small fee-only planning firm in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Read Kirk’s full biography on Picket Fence Financial’s site here.