Discussing How to Escape Low-Yield Bank Savings Options


Here is a webinar where I talk about how to escape low-yield bank savings options.

There’s no doubt that the returns you can find on cash holdings these days are less than attractive. Traditional bank savings vehicles — such as checking accounts, savings accounts, money market deposit accounts and certificates of deposit — often yield less than 1% per year. Longer-term CDs — say, three years — occasionally yield closer to 1.5%.

You don’t have to accept those paltry rates. There are some ways you may be able to get better returns without taking on too much additional risk.

How to Escape Low-Yield Bank Savings Options

About Picket Fence Financial: Picket Fence Financial is a fee-only, NAPFA registered financial planning firm dedicated to saving folks from Wall Street. Picket Fence Financial feels people have been poorly served by the commission structure of Wall Street. Clients of the typical Wall Street firms receives sales pitches that are loaded with conflicts of interest. You can find out more information about Picket Fence Financial at http://www.picketfencefinancial.com

About Kirk Kinder: Kirk Kinder, CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) is the founder and President of Picket Fence Financial. Kirk worked for the Motley Fool where he served as their Director of Member Services. The Fool’s approach of exposing Wall Street’s dirty secrets appealed to Kirk. They shared a common belief that financial planners entrusted with other’s money should have their client’s interests at heart. After leaving the Fool, Kirk worked at a fee-only financial planning firm in Palm Harbor, Florida. There Kirk finished his studies for the Certified Financial Planner designation. Kirk then started Picket Fence Financial with offices in the Baltimore/DC area and Tampa/Clearwater, Florida vicinity. Kirk also has a Masters degree in Personal Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning – the organization that manages the education requirement for the CFP. Kirk has been quoted in several financial publications including the Wall Street Journal, Kiplingers, Investor’s Business Daily, Standard and Poor’s, and Bloomberg Wealth Manager to name a few. Kirk has also been featured on the local Fox, ABC and NBC affiliates in Baltimore and Tampa Bay.

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