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Individual and Small Business Tax Returns

Individual and Small Business Tax Returns

Whether you have an individual tax return or a small business tax return, we stand ready to serve. Let our experienced tax preparers, which includes CPAs and Enrolled Agents (EA) with the IRS to find every deduction for you.

Tax Return Worksheets

Here are a few worksheets you can print out to help you prepare for the upcoming tax season.

Self Employed Worksheet
Itemized Deduction Worksheet
Rental Real Estate Worksheet

Year Round Office:

Unlike many tax preparation businesses, we are open year round. We don’t shut down after April 15th or just open up once or twice a week. After tax season, we are there Monday through Friday. We do take the weekends off…hey, you gotta enjoy life, right.

IRS assistance:

No one enjoys a letter or call from the IRS. Before panic takes over, just know we are here to help. Whether you just need to submit tax forms or be represented in front of the IRS, we stand ready to serve and bring your stress levels way down.

Free tax planning:

If you are like most people, you want to pay as little in taxes as you are legally obligated. This often means you need to proactively plan for taxes. So many tax offices just prepare your taxes, but don’t provide any real insight on how to save on taxes. We offer tax planning to ensure you are optimizing your deductions and credits.

Double Check:

Wondering if you got all your deductions and credits in the past? We can help by reviewing your tax returns for the past three years. You are allowed to amend the last 3 years and we will recommend an amendment when we know we can get you some money back.

We have found items previously especially for rental homes, teachers, reservists, police officers, retirees, referees, and business owners. The list is too long to detail the ways we find money for clients, but isn’t it worth some of your time to find some extra cash. Why let Uncle Sam keep your money!


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