Pamper Yourself Rewards

At Picket Fence, we know we would be nowhere without you. As a thank you, we want to provide you a chance to really pamper yourself.

Review the rewards here, then come see us at the office to pick up your reward voucher. Present your gift voucher to the selected vendor and enjoy! We’ll handle the bill.

New clients:

Choose one of the excellent benefits from Tier 1(if no other discount provided).

Existing clients:

For your first referral of a new client, you get to pick a benefit from Tier 1. If you send us another new client during the same tax year, you get a service from Tier 2. Finally, you get our ultimate Tier 3 packages when you send us 3 new clients during the same tax year.

Tier 1

$50 donation to The Humane Society.

30 min massage

$50 Donation to The Epicenter

4 Movie tickets

$25 gift card

Coffee of the Month x 2 months

$25 Gift Card

One Dozen Cupcakes

Manicure and Makeover

Tier 2

$50 gift card

Coffee of the Month x 3 months

60 min massage

$50 gift card

Wine/cheese tasting for 8

Pedicure and Makeover

Tier 3

90 min massage

Round of Golf for 2

$100 gift card

Day at the SPA (60 minute massage, manicure, pedicure, and makeover)

Coffee of the Month x 6 months

$100 gift card