Tax Preparation for Individuals

You can rest on a comfy couch, enjoy a coffee and maybe a muffin while we prepare your return. We offer free Wi-Fi if you want to get some work or shopping done while you wait. Or if you’re on the go, you can leave your paperwork with us and we’ll give you a call when it’s time to review your return.

Whether you are single or married, kids or no kids, working one job or three, we will help you choose the correct filing status and exemptions so that you get the biggest refund allowed. Do you work or live in multiple states? Are you in the military? We have both retired military and active military tax preparers who know the specifics.

Ever wonder what that form is for? We will help you sort through and understand the various forms that you receive around tax time. We’ll check that your employer is withholding the proper amount from your pay and we’ll share money saving tips to help you going forward.

We ask all the right questions pertaining to your taxes so that we can make sure we don’t miss any deductions. Here’s some of the questions we ask.

Did you have health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act includes the individual shared responsibility provision and the premium tax credit that may affect your tax return. We help you find out whether your health insurance coverage qualifies as minimum essential coverage or whether you qualify for a health coverage exemption so that you can avoid making a shared responsibility payment.

Did you refinance of buy a home?

We will review your closing documents so that we uncover every eligible deduction after your refinance, buy or sell a home.

Did you start or close a business?

It’s sometimes tough to stay on top of the things you need to keep track of throughout the year when running a small business. We will help you get organized and be proactive. Use our self-employed worksheet so you can organize your expenses into manageable categories and to be sure you don’t miss any.

Did you or a dependent attend school or take classes to improve your job skills?

There are two Education Credits available:
The American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.

Both of these can help offset the cost of higher education by lowering the amount of tax you owe. There’s also the Tuition and Fees deduction. Since you can’t use all 3 simultaneously, we will compare each credit or deduction available and choose the option that gives you the lower tax.

Should you itemize or use your standard deduction? What items are eligible for itemized deduction?

We will walk through a list of available itemized deductions to see what you can deduct. Do you own a home? Did you pay mortgage interest? Did you pay real estate taxes? Did you donate to charity? Did you pay for child care? Did you have a student loan? Rest assured we will get you every penny you deserve.

You can use our Itemized Deduction worksheet before you come for your appointment to help save time.

Once we enter your return, we will have another set of eyes review your completed return. We want you to have the best tax experience possible and our review process ensures that any mistakes, although rare, are corrected before we file your return with the IRS.

We will sit with you and review your return before we send it to the IRS. This way you know how we arrived at the numbers on the screen. We will then file your return electronically with the IRS that night. We will show you how to track your refund status with the IRS.

Call today to schedule your appointment.