Tax Preparation Services

Whether you are an individual, self employed, or run a small business; we can help you with your tax return preparations.

Tax Preparation for Individuals:

You can rest on a comfy couch, enjoy a coffee and maybe a muffin while we prepare your return. We offer free Wi-Fi if you want to get some work or shopping done while you wait. Or if you’re on the go, you can leave your paperwork with us and we’ll give you a call when it’s time to review your return.
Whether you are single or married, kids or no kids, working one job or three, we will help you choose the correct filing status and exemptions so that you get the biggest refund allowed. Do you work or live in multiple states? Are you in the military? We have both retired military and active military tax preparers who know the specifics.

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Tax Preparation for Self Employed or Small Business:

It’s exciting to be in business for yourself! You get to call the shots. You get to make the decisions. You also need to pay close attention to your cash flow, expenses, and taxes.

Find out more specifics about our tax preparation for Self Employed or Small Business.

Small Business Retirement Plans

One of the largest tax deductions for a business owner or individual is a retirement plan. We specialize in helping folks with retirement plans. Whether you are a small business owner trying to start or manage a plan, or you are an employee trying to understand how to invest your 401(k), 403(b) or IRA, we can help. And, with our fee-only approach, you can rest assure we won’t push you into products that pay fat commissions since we are never paid with commissions or sales fees.

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